Elaine Cobbe
News correspondent with extensive international experience.

As a print and broadcast journalist, I have covered most of the major international stories of the past two decades, including the invasion of Iraq and aftermath; terrorist attacks in London, Madrid and Paris; war in Kosovo; death of Princess Diana; Rwandan genocide and the Northern Ireland peace deal.

I've also reported widely on international politics, elections and peace talks.

Some of the more fun stuff has included the Cannes Film Festival; Tour de France; Paris Air Show; wine harvesting and interviews with top chefs.

I'm also a journalism trainer. I've trained professional journalists in developing democracies and teach regularly at two of France's top journalism schools, in their Masters course.

Recently, I completed a psychology research thesis on war journalists' and trauma-related stress. I presented the results at the ESTSS in Oslo in June 2009.

Follow me on Twitter: @ElaineCobbe

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